Is Your Home Ready for The Holidays?

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The Holidays are coming! Only one month until Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day… days for friends and family to get together and celebrate.

Don’t leave your house cleaning until the last minute, if you start preparing now,  just knowing that your home is clean and ready for guests can relieve a great deal of holiday stress. Once the major cleaning jobs have been completed then all that is needed is  a quick vacuum a little dusting and some tidying up  and you are ready for your guests to arrive.

The key to stress free Holidays is to be organised!  Have a to-do list, planning your shopping, decorating and cleaning in advance means that you can be sure that it will all get done and all you have to do is work to the plan.

Upholstery Cleaning

You know that guests and family will be visiting… often without warning! Take a long look at your sofa and armchairs ….. do they look inviting? Or are there dirty marks and stains on the arm rests?

No matter how much cleaning you do … if the furniture in your room is grubby and unpleasant, the room will not look clean. You cannot hide dirty upholstery.

Sofas and Armchairs

If you have pets or small children we recommend cleaning all your furniture at least once a year. Upholstery cleaning removes stains, smells and the normal soiling of upholstery that happens over time.

Dining Chairs

If you are hosting the family for Christmas Dinner then take a good look at your dining chairs. Do it well in advance of the event… very often dining chairs with fabric seats can become stained and soiled and their condition is not noticed until it is too late. Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning are specialist furniture and upholstery cleaners, we use specialist equipment and cleaning products and we guarantee a fantastic result.

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Dry Upholstery Cleaning is a specialist system of cleaning using Dry Foam. It means your furniture will be cleaned and left fresh and stain free and it will be dry in less than 2 hours! It is the most convenient way of cleaning any kind of furniture

Carpet Cleaning

Winter is always the hardest on carpets. Wet dirt and mud and salt from the roads can be tracked in and deposited on your carpets unless you take special precautions.

Shoes Off At the Door!

Now is a good time to put out a shoe tray near the front door so that dirty shoes can be left there to dry off. A basket with clean socks and slippers and a small sign reminding everyone to remove their shoes at the door is a great idea too!

Schedule Your Carpet Cleaning

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning is perfect for the wet winter months. Dry carpet cleaning means you don’t have to fret about waiting for a wet carpet to dry, it is dry before we leave your home.

You don’t even have to move your furniture and you  can be confident that no stains reappear when we are gone… the carpet stains don’t come back.

If your carpet is dirty in patches where it receives heavy traffic or in front of the sofa, now is the time to get it cleaned so that you can relax and concentrate on other holiday tasks knowing that your home looks wonderful.

If you have a party planned  then be sure to call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning today because we are very heavily booked for the Holiday Season.

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Steam Mops for Fast Efficient Cleaning

Why Should You Buy A Steam floor Mop?

Steam mop for cleaning

  • Less Work. The steam generated by a steam mop is at a minimum temperature of 212 degrees faranheit, this means that instead of having to exert physical effort by working the mop over a stain or dirty patch the temperature combined with the microfiber cloth will erase the stain with minimum physical effort. No wringing the mop or pushing a heavy mop to and fro over a floor, the steam mop is light and easy to use with a smooth to and fro movement. Less effort involved because there is no need to rinse.
  • Super Fast! New steam floor mop users are always astonished at how quickly their floors are cleaned with this useful appliance. It really could not be simpler. Put water in the water tank or container, plug the steam mop into the socket, switch on. Wait 30  to 60 seconds and start steaming. Move the mop smoothly over the floor being careful not to miss areas, change the cloth if it becomes too wet or if your floor area is very big. When you have finished switch the mop off, unplug, remove the cleaning cloth, empty any water out of the container and you are done. It takes me between five  and seven minutes to complete a standard size UK kitchen

3. No Wet Floors The steam from the steam floor mop  is known as dry steam vapour , it not only cleans the floor quickly but it will dry in a fraction of the time it takes a regular mopped floor to dry. This also depends on the temperature of the room of course, in the middle of the summer your floors will dry more quickly than on a very cold day. But no matter what the ambient temperature the floor will dry much more quickly if it is cleaned with steam rather than hot water. Why is this important? Convenience is one consideration, most mothers would rather have their floors dry quickly after cleaning so that everyone can walk on them. Safety is another reason, the longer a floor is wet the more likely someone can slip and fall and hygiene is another reason, when a floor is wet it is a potential breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially in warm temperatures.  I expect a floor that I am cleaning with a steam mop to be dry wherever I started by the time I finish the floor. Yes! Its that fast to dry.

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A New Carpet Stain … Or An Old Popup?

Which is it? and if it is new where did it come from?

The reappearing stain is a very common complaint from our NEW customers, they almost  expect it until I explain why it is not going to happen with  Deluxe dry carpet cleaning.

Using a Dry carpet cleaning system is the best way to get rid of problem stains on your carpet especially the pop up stain. The stain that keep coming back is associated with wet cleaning and especially if you have a berber carpet, that is why wet carpet cleaners often are not willing to clean berber or looped pile carpets.

Some time ago I wrote a guide to the reappearing carpet stain and explained why it happened and how to fix it yourself. We understand if you are not lucky enough to live in the service areas of Deluxe Dry carpet Cleaning in the UK !

This is the original post on our website

 Carpet Stains That Keep Coming Back            
  1.     How To Fix Them For Good

    Carpet Cleaning Stockport

    Every Carpet Has Them.… stains that you deal with over and over. You think that they have gone for good, your freshly cleaned carpet looks great and then a day or two or maybe a week or two later — that stain or spot is back again. This is a very annoying problem and a huge waste of time spent cleaning and recleaning the same spot. In this post we are going to find out why a stain keeps coming back and how you can clean a stain once and prevent it from coming back.

     2 Main Reasons For Reappearing Stains

    1. The Wick Back Stain

    Stain in CarpetThis is a stain well known to professional carpet cleaners. The term wick back refers to the capillary action of a liquid, where liquids creep up a thin fibre or wick. When the underlay or padding underneath a carpet becomes wet, the dirt  dissolves  and the solution moves up the carpet fibres. At the surface the water evaporates but the dirt stays and you see it as a stain … That’s why a carpet can look clean when wet,  but sometimes develops stains when it is dry.

    Wick back happens when a carpet is old and the under padding has accumulated a lot of dirt, or if a  large volume of liquid has spilled into the carpet like a can of soda, a glass of beer or pet urine.  The spill saturates the underlay of the carpet and if the carpet is wet cleaned ..the dried stain becomes liquid, moves up into the carpet fibers and the stain will reappear.


and I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful !