Carpet Cleaning …How to Vacuum Your Deep Pile Carpet

Deep Pile Carpeting is Gorgeous But…


Deep pile or ultra-plush carpeting  has become a hot favourite with home owners in recent years…

dry carpet cleaning service manchesterThe use of softer synthetic yarns give modern carpets a luxurious feel and look that is perfect for bedrooms and especially comforting in the winter months. Development of modern hi-tech weaving methods is responsible for  these ultra-plush carpets, they are constructed from special yarns where each yarn contains more than 700 soft ,”silk-like fibres “

But this high density  carpet type can present a challenge when it comes to maintenance, the length of the pile and the softness of the the carpet texture  and the density of the yarn make it difficult to use your regular vacuum cleaner.

The video below shows the problem clearly…

Consumer Reports  demonstrates the difficulty when you attempt to vacuum your deep pile carpet. Either a carpet or an area rug made from the same type of carpet pile. Even with all his weight behind the machine .. the operator cannot push the vacuum cleaner across the carpet … it is stuck fast!

Why Does it Happen?

dry carpet cleaning serviceThe video explains the nature of the problem and how to adjust your vacuum cleaner to solve the situation. The looseness of the fibre causes the machine to sink down into the carpet, the machine is buried in  the carpet and air flow to the vacuum is effectively cut off . This creates a suction- cup effect and the vacuum is stuck fast.

Don’t forget that all home carpeting should be kept in top Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Logocondition with professional dry cleaning at least once a year.

The solution to the problem 

Adjust the height of your vacuum  …  Examine your vacuum. Many upright vacuum cleaners have a height adjustment, adjusting the height of your vacuum is the secret to vacuum your deep pile carpet . Adjusting the setting for  deep carpet pile  will raise the machine wheels  up so that it can maintain air flow and allow the  vacuum to be pushed over the pile.

Cannister vacuums also may have a height adjustment. It will be located on the head of the cleaner. Look for it or consult the manual.

Your  canister vacuum cleaner may have a suction control instead of a height adjuster. This achieves the same result, you can make suction more or less powerful and the control is usually located on the stem of the cleaning head.

If your own vacuum cannot be adjusted for suction or for pile height, then  you might need to start looking for an alternative vacuum cleaner to vacuum your deep pile carpet. There are several different models available that will not only clean deep –pile carpet but can clean every other carpet type also.

How to vacuum your deep pile carpet  :

Set your vacuum to the highest pile setting to start and if it is too easy to push across the carpet adjust it down until there is some resistance.

When you can feel the vacuum engaging with the carpet fibres and can see the brush strokes  appear on the carpet pile then you have got the setting correct for cleaning your carpet.

Vacuum your deep pile or ultra plush carpet as regularly as you would normal carpet, at least once a week, more often if you have children or pets and always tackle stains and spots as quickly as possible.

For more information on how to get the most out of your vacuum   CLICK HERE and general information on removing carpet stains and keeping your carpets in fabulous condition

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Carpet Cleaning with Your Vacuum

  Learn the Right Way To Vacuum With Expert Advice

carpet cleaning with your vacuumBelieve it or not Carpet  Cleaning With Your Vacuum Cleaner  is an ART! All the effort you put into carpet cleaning with your vacuum cleaner is wasted if it isn’t properly maintained. Learn the right way to  Vacuum with these helpful articles from Cleaning experts!


Got Dogs? These Vacuuming Tips Will Help Keep Your Home Clean – from

carpet cleaning with your vacuum      Got Dogs? These Vacuuming Tips Will Help Keep Your Home Clean… in my house at the same time. The amount of dog hair and dirt is both disgusting and amazing. It doesn’t help that my own 11-year-old dog, Riggins, is happiest when filthy dirty. Because vacuuming is a regular part of my life, I’ve got some tips to pass on.

Here’s to a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuum

It contains filters that can trap dander. Pair that with a dusting brush attachment, and those pesky allergens won’t know what hit them!   Read more …



No straight lines! Here’s the 1 pattern you should make when vacuuming


dry carpet cleaning Bolton Bury

Vacuum cleaners are a household essential, especially if you have rugs or carpets — or big hairy pets.

Yet, despite our love affair with these cleaning staples, do we really know the right way to use and maintain a vacuum cleaner? Cleaning expert Leslie Reichert sure does! Read on as she shares her favorite vacuum dos and don’ts.  No straight lines! Here’s the 1 pattern you should make when vacuuming “I vacuum in an M pattern, going over the same area two or three times,” says Reichert. “Start at one point and work your way out of the room. If your vacuum has …

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5 Biggest Mistakes You Make Vacuuming –


carpet cleaning in Stockport   5 Biggest Mistakes You Make Vacuuming. Vacuuming isn’t rocket science (thank goodness!), but a little extra know-how can help you clean your home that much better. Good Housekeeping Tips to do it Right

1. Waiting until the bag is full to empty it
Even though some vacuums have “check bag” indicator lights, check the bag yourself and change it when it’s three-quarters full. This keeps your vacuum’s suction strong. And if you have a bagless vac, don’t forget the dust cup — dirt collects there, too.     Read more …


Yes, there’s a right way to vacuum!


dry carpet cleaning service Stockport Yes, there’s a right way to vacuum   Domain News   A really good vacuuming job can draw in up to 99 per cent of the dirt and dust in an area, which not only means the place is tidier, it’s also a healthier environment. Use these tips to perfect your vacuuming:

Clean strategically 
When doing a proper cleaning (as opposed to the midweek zoom around the house to eliminate the most offensive bits of dirt and pet-hair tumbleweeds), you’ll want to dust the room before vacuuming so you can vacuum up the dust and lint particles that settle on the floor     Read more …

Professional Dry Carpet Cleanining is recommended by Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning to keep your carpets looking their best. Dry Carpet Cleaning doesn’t soak your carpet and there is no waiting. To make an appointment call us on 0161 768 0208

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‘You get what you pay for’: 5 things to know when buying a vacuum


carpet cleaning Manchester area

Ah, spring. It’s the season that brings us both allergies and cleaning urges. Thankfully, a good vacuum can be used to help aid both!

But with over 450 different models out there, where do you even begin to figure out which one is best for you and your home?

To answer that question, we chatted with The Sweet Home’s Liam McCabe, who recently published the results from over 300 hours of research and testing of vacuum cleaners done over the past four years. Below, he shares some of the most important tips from their findings:


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Vacuuming Motivation — How  To Get It!

Whether you own the most expensive vacuum cleaner with the most incredible features or just a broom and dustpan, cleaning the house remains a task dreaded by so many. The thought of vacuuming your house usually feels rewarding at first but when you need to start the job, its either procrastination or laziness that creeps in. This article gives you superb tips that will act as motivation for vacuuming homes. If followed religiously, you will be amazed at the little effort you require to get off that couch and start your regular vacuuming schedule.

Dry carpet cleaning Bolton Bury   from Rachael at Tasteful Space   Read More At …


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Our own article on New Carpet Care  gives more information about carpet cleaning with your vacuum … how to vacuum efficiently and keep your carpet clean >>> Read More Here about Keeping Your New Carpet Clean






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New Carpet Cleaning Care

Learn How to  Care For Your New Carpet

manchester carpet cleaning careLots of people buy a new carpet in the New Year. They have survived Christmas and the party season with their old carpet and now its time to invest in a lovely replacement. New carpet cleaning care is not difficult  but accidents can happen and it is scary  if you discover a stain or mark on your new carpet and don’t know what to do….

Protect Your Carpet

You would not believe how many customers we have who call us about a mark or stain on their new carpet . Prevention is key to  new carpet carpet cleaning care

Keep off-cuts of your new carpet and use them in the first few weeks to protect your carpet from any marks or accidental spills.

If you are having new furniture delivered, the delivery men will not remove their shoes — give them shoe covers for their shoes or put down an old sheet or a dust sheet for them to walk on. If they are delivering a large item in a box ( such as a mirror ) ask them to un box the item outside, that box may have been standing  on  a dirty  floor

stockport carpet cleaning careMake Doormats A Priority

  • Its important to have a doormat for each outside door. Put it outside and have one inside as well.
  • Use a weather proof  doormat outside.
  • Synthetic fibre mats are more durable, they stand up to wear and tear and do not degrade if they are wet for long periods
  • Weather proof mats are designed to remove and trap moisture and dirt.
  • 80% of the dirt on indoor carpets is brought in on shoes and you can prevent this by using door mats
  •  Door mats saves your carpet from wear and tear and will save your time cleaning!

If your carpet is  accidentally marked or stained by a delivery , call the delivery company and tell them…. They are insured and will often offer to pay to have it professionally cleaned for you.

If you want to tackle the stain yourself – see stain removal  instructions below.

If you want to call a professional  carpet cleaning company Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning deals with one- off stain removal. 0161 768 0208

altrincham carpet cleaning careShoes Off At The Door

  • A new carpet is the perfect time to introduce a “ Shoes Off At the Door “ Rule.
  • Door mats can’t trap all the dirt on people’s shoes.
  • Dirt and germs are brought into your home and deposited on your carpet from the soles of your shoes.
  • Put up a gentle reminder  to persuade family and friends to take off their shoes when they come in
  • Put  a basket at your doorway to keep shoes in one place.

New Carpet Cleaning Care

Pilling can appear on a new  carpet if it is made of mixed fibres. If this should happen it is just a feature of a new carpet and can be solved by carefully snipping the pills off with a pair of nail scissors.

Shedding  All new carpets will shed. If the pile is loose and long there will be more shedding than if the pile is tight and short. The amount of shedding on a new carpet can be alarming and fill up the vacuum cleaner. Don’t worry. Shedding will stop soon.

Bolton carpet cleaning careVacuuming 

  • Vacuum your new carpet regularly and often, at least twice a week for the first few weeks after installation.
  • When your carpet is brand new vacuuming removes the shedding pile and is a key factor in  new carpet cleaning care
  • Use the vacuum that is appropriate for your new carpet …
  • To clean cut pile carpets  vacuum with an upright machine with a beater bar and brush, adjust the height of the beater bar to match the pile height.
  • Loop pile carpets can be damaged by a beater bar. Instead, use a canister or cylinder vacuum and only use the suction head.
  • Vacuuming lifts the pile and prevents flattening especially in high traffic areas such as hallways and stairs.
  • Maintain your vacuum properly or you are wasting your time and efforts.
  • Empty the bag or dust container often. Even a half full bag impacts your vacuum’s suction power.
  • Check that the filter is not clogged and wash it ( if washable ) or replace it frequently.
  • Invest in a pet vacuum if you have pets. They are designed to pick up hair and fur.
  • Always dust before you vacuum your carpet, pick up as much stuff from the floor as you can before you start and lift small pieces of furniture and chairs out of your way so you don’t have to stop  and start.
  • Vacuum slowly. Take your time when you vacuum , slow strokes collect more dirt and overlap your strokes as you cover the carpet.

How To Clean a Shag or Long pile Rug

Stains and Spots

No matter how diligent  your new carpet cleaning care , everyday spots and stains will start to appear. Most of these stains can be dealt with easily and can removed completely.

Bury carpet cleaning care General Tips for stain removal

  • Act quickly – the sooner you tackle a stain the more likely it is to be removed completely
  • Never rub or scrub a stain or spill, you might damage the carpet fibre . Always blot and press
  • Use clean dry cloths and water from a spray bottle to start
  • Work from the edge of the stain towards the centre
  • Be patient and apply less cleaning product than you think you need.
  • Test a new cleaning product on a hidden part of the carpet or on an off-cut before you put it on the stain

Click here for more detailed stain removal techniques  here

Deluxe Dry Carpet cleaning is the best way to clean your carpets. We recommend professional cleaning for your carpets every 1-2 years or more often if you have a busy lifestyle, if you have children or pets

Carpet cleaning in Stockport and surrounding areas

Carpet cleaning in Bury and Bolton

Carpet cleaning in Manchester and Trafford

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Carpet Cleaning Bolton Bury

Dry Carpet Cleaning for Bolton Bury Areas

Carpet cleaning Bury Bolton

 Why Choose Deluxe Dry ?

 Our Customers Love Us!

  • DRY Cleaning

    Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning is So Convenient!

    • Carpet Cleaners BoltonNo waiting for your wet carpet to dry… Your carpet is never soaked with water. Our unique system cleans the fibres of your carpet thoroughly but we use minimal moisture to achieve outstanding results.
    • You can walk on the carpet while we are cleaning it and immediately afterwards.
    • Perfect for last -minute cleans!
    • Perfect for a new home or for a house that you are leaving!

    Call us today and prepare to be thrilled. 0161 768 0208

  • Safe & Organic

    Carpet cleaning Bury ManchesterDeluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning is So Safe!

    • We use organic cleaning products that are completely safe for your carpet and your family
    • Our dry carpet cleaning system is safe for all pets …. and birds of all types. Many of our customers have pet birds and they use Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning because of our non toxic products
    • Perfect for childrens bedrooms, for a baby’s nursery and for expecting mums!
    • We use minimal moisture methods of dry carpet cleaning that do not impact our environment.
    • No dirty water or chemicals are emptied into drains or enter our water
    • We are proud to be a green and ecologically conscious carpet cleaning company.

    Call us today and prepare to be thrilled. 0161 768 0208

  • Allergy Friendly

    dry carpet cleaning BoltonDeluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning is Allergy Friendly!

    • We use organic cleaning products that are completely safe for your carpet and your family
    • Our dry carpet cleaning system will not aggravate allergies
    • We use HEPA vacuums that are hospital grade, they are equipped with filters that trap tiny dust particles and allergens in your carpet. They are not recycled into the air.
    • We use minimal moisture methods of carpet cleaning that inhibit dustmite numbers. Dustmites need warm humid environments to breed and populate.
    • Research studies have shown that similar dry carpet cleaning systems used in the U.S have substantially reduced dustmite numbers after carpet cleaning for up to 6 months.
    • Dry carpet cleaning by Deluxe Dry Carpet is perfect for those suffering from dust allergies or pollen allergies
    • Perfect for anyone with respiratory conditions

    Call us today and prepare to be thrilled. 0161 768 0208

 “How lovely it was getting up this morning to my lovely STAIN FREE CARPETS!  After looking after various dogs over the years, my bedroom carpet now looks like new.  Thank you once again “
    Kath E. Stockport
  “We love Deluxe Dry!  Our carpet is very light beige and with three kids and all their friends and the dogs it            would look terrible unless we had it cleaned regularly. Deluxe cleaning is dry and fast. Just what we need.   Recommend highly”
Tim B. Chorlton 

carpet cleaning in Bolton Bury

We are always happy to answer your questions about any aspect of our dry carpet cleaning system and carpet stain removal. Just call us on 0161 768 0208.

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Why Dry Carpet Cleaning is Better For Berber

Berber  or looped pile carpets  have previously had a reputation for being “difficult to clean”  but here we explain why  dry carpet cleaning is better andmake caring for berber carpets very easy.

Berber Carpeting is one of the most popular carpet choices for modern homes and that’s because it has so many advantages.

Dry carpet cleaning is better for manchesterIt looks attractive and comes in a wider range of styles but its most important advantage is that it  wears extremely well. Berber’s durability comes from the way it is constructed. Unlike pile carpet which has individual fibres attached to a backing material, berber carpeting is composed of one long strand of fibre that loops through the backing.

Dry carpet cleaning is better in ChorltonThese loops are usually tightly packed to give the carpet a  resistance to wear. A berber carpet stands up to high traffic very well and is a great choice for areas that receive lots of wear and tear such as hallways and stairs and for families with a busy lifestyle or children it is an excellent choice. The tightly  looped construction of a berber carpet also allows a natural stain resistance. The fibres are individually twisted and then looped through the backing and they are less absorbent than the fibres of a pile carpet.

Caring for your berber carpet.

The qualities that make berber very attractive as a carpet choice have however a downside, they require careful cleaning and maintenance. If loose soil and dirt is not removed quickly from the surface of a berber carpet it sinks into the loops and is then difficult to extract with your vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming your Berber Carpet

dry carpet cleaning for Stockport Vacuum regularly to pick up loose soil and dirt. Don’t use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar because it may cause snagging and pulls. Make sure the suction on your vacuum is as strong as possible. Ensure the bag or dirt collection cup  is empty. A full bag will reduce the suction on your vacuum. Change the filter on your vacuum to prevent it being clogged with dust and dirt and reducing suction.

Vacuum efficiently – use a forward push and a slow back pull for each stroke when you are vacuuming. Take your time because the machine will collect more dirt if you go slowly and use overlapping strokes.

Stain removal on a Berber Carpet

Dry carpet cleaning for Salford Tackle every day stains and spots as quickly as possible. It is always easier to remove a stain when it is fresh and before any colouring in the stain bonds with the carpet fibres. When a stain has dried onto carpet it can dye the fibres permanently.

If you have spots and stains on your berber carpet don’t use a detergent solution to try and remove them. Detergent in solution is very difficult to remove from the berber loops and when dried it will cause a slight stickiness that will actually attract dirt. Over time this causes a dirty patch to form… you will wonder where this type of stain came from!

  • Use a spray bottle of luke warm water to tackle stains. Don’t rub or scrub the carpet
  • Tamp or blot the area after you lightly spray the stain with water
  • Repeat these actions until most of the stain has been removed
  • Then if any stain remains use a Q- Tip to apply a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide in water
  • Leave 5 minutes and blot with a clean dry towel or micro fibre cloth.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for Berber Carpets

Dry Carpet Cleaning is Better for Your Berber Carpet

Traditional carpet cleaning is not the best way to clean berber carpet. Steam cleaning or systems that use water can cause problems.

The looped construction of berber are difficult to dry when saturated with water, as they dry any dirt in solution will be deposited at the top of the loop as the water evaporates. This is why stains in berber carpet “come back “ when they are wet cleaned. And if the carpet is not dried very quickly mildew and mould can form in the backing area, dust mites populations can explode because of the additional humidity. Wet cleaning is really not the best option for berber carpets.

Use a Dry Carpet Cleaning service such as Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning. This system of cleaning is very low moisture and will clean a  berber carpet  without saturating it. The carpet will be dry and ready for immediate use as soon as the cleaning is finished. The dry carpet cleaning will restore the pile if it is flattened. Dry  carpet cleaning is better because it  deep cleans each loop  and between each loop down to the carpet backing without overwetting.

The Spots and stains that are treated by dry carpet cleaning will be removed for good, stains will not return because there is no wick back from within the pile. Dry Carpet cleaning is better because the carpet stays dry

Regular dry carpet cleaning is better with Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning and is convenient and easy. There is no need to move heavy furniture and no risk of overwetting  or causing wet damage to hard wood floors or expensive furnishings there is no risk  of rusting, dye run or water marking .

To book an appointment with Deluxe Dry carpet cleaning call 0161 768 0208 or visit us at  Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning in Manchester

or Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning in Stockport

Dry carpet cleaning is better, it keeps a berber carpet looking its best and keeps its natural stain resistance properties.

These tips should not put you off investing in a Berber carpet – they are beautiful and hard wearing and with dry carpet cleaning they are easy to keep that way.

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