Remove Lipstick Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Lipstick Stains on Your Carpet or Upholstery

from Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton & Bury

Lipstick stains on a carpet can be tricky to remove. Make up stains such as lipstick are complex stains because they are composed of several elements – oil, fragrance, waxes and pigment. Water based solvents and non- water solvents are needed  to remove lipstick which is why attempts to remove lipstick stains are often not very successful.

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If you don’t want to try to remove a lipstick stain yourself from your carpet or upholstery call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton at 0161 768 0208. Deluxe Dry Carpet are stain specialists and we have professional cleaning agents that can remove all kinds of stains easily. We service all areas of Bolton and Bury.



Its tricky to remove make up stains because lipstick mascara, eyeliner and foundation are made up several ingredients including oils, creams and dye. The dye component is concentrated and designed to last, on your skin and therefore on your carpet as well .

When you are trying to remove a make up  stain on carpet each ingredient has to be treated separately or the stain remains. You have to use a 2 step stain strategy

No one wants make up stains on their bedroom carpet so be prepared for this difficult stain and know exactly how to deal with it…. and more important how NOT to make it worse !

1. Don’t panic

you are probably in the middle of getting ready, and don’t have much time. BUT do not give way to temptation and grab the kleenex. Using paper towels or paper hankies will spread a lipstick stain and make it worse.

2. Know what You Are Dealing With

Makeup contains pigment in a solution of water (mostly ) and oils. This type of stain therefore has to be treated partly with water soluble cleaners and partly with oil soluble cleaners. It requires the two-step stain technique. If you only use one step to get foundation out of your carpet then only some of  the stain ingredients will be removed and you will still have a stain.

3. Just 5 Minutes For Stain Removal.

Even if you are in a BIG hurry you can take five minutes now and save yourself the  stain pain. The faster you deal with the stain the easier it is to remove. The longer you leave it the more time those pigments have to attach to carpet fibres and then you have a permanent stain that cannot be removed.


Aerosol Hair Spray or NON ACETONE Nail Polish Remover

Several Clean Cloths or Microfibre Towels

Small Spray Bottle containing Tepid Water

Knife or a Credit Card

Hydrogen Peroxide

Q Tips


Use the blunt edge of the knife or a credit card to collect any lumps of lipstick and wipe them off on to a piece of kitchen towel.

Shake the aerosol hair spray and using short bursts , spray the stain.                                           If you are using nail polish remover  put some on a clean cloth and press  the stain  with the damp cloth.

Work from the edge of the stain into the centre. Don’t saturate the carpet.

Use a clean cloth to blot the damp stain and absorb the colour. Change the cloth as it absorbs the colour and gets damp. Do not rub or scrub the stain as you work. Blot and press the fibres of the carpet.

Repeat several times until no more colour comes on to your cloth.

All of the stain should have gone.

If not take a Q tip and dip the end into the Hydrogen Peroxide and roll the wet end over the remaining stain . Wait a few minutes and repeat. The remaining colour will disappear.

Take the spray bottle with tepid water and lightly spray the area of the stain

Take another clean dry cloth and blot all the water up pressing on the carpet but not scrubbing.


Stain Prevention for Your Carpet

A dropped lipstick can ruin your bedroom or living room  carpet. It will happen no matter how careful you are, even if you always use the bathroom, one morning you won’t. It’s impossible to have carpet in your bedroom and not get makeup stains on it eventually.         If you can prevent the stain then you will save yourself time and effort and your carpet will look better for much longer.

Makeup stains are going to happen unless you take some kind of precautions.

1 Use a desk or dressing table If you use a mirror in your bedroom then sit down at a dressing table or desk to pur on your make up . If stuff spills it will fall on the desk not the carpet.

2. Put a rug down wherever you usually apply your makeup.  If you have teenaged girls  this is a must! Put throw rugs on the carpet in their rooms especially near the mirror area.

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton & Bury are happy to help!

Don’t want to try this yourself?  from carpet or upholstery call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton at 0161 768 0208.

Deluxe Dry Carpet are stain specialists and we have professional cleaning agents that can remove all kinds of stains easily.



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