A New Carpet Stain … Or An Old Popup?

Which is it? and if it is new where did it come from?

The reappearing stain is a very common complaint from our NEW customers, they almost  expect it until I explain why it is not going to happen with  Deluxe dry carpet cleaning.

Using a Dry carpet cleaning system is the best way to get rid of problem stains on your carpet especially the pop up stain. The stain that keep coming back is associated with wet cleaning and especially if you have a berber carpet, that is why wet carpet cleaners often are not willing to clean berber or looped pile carpets.

Some time ago I wrote a guide to the reappearing carpet stain and explained why it happened and how to fix it yourself. We understand if you are not lucky enough to live in the service areas of Deluxe Dry carpet Cleaning in the UK !

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 Carpet Stains That Keep Coming Back            
  1.     How To Fix Them For Good

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    Every Carpet Has Them.… stains that you deal with over and over. You think that they have gone for good, your freshly cleaned carpet looks great and then a day or two or maybe a week or two later — that stain or spot is back again. This is a very annoying problem and a huge waste of time spent cleaning and recleaning the same spot. In this post we are going to find out why a stain keeps coming back and how you can clean a stain once and prevent it from coming back.

     2 Main Reasons For Reappearing Stains

    1. The Wick Back Stain

    Stain in CarpetThis is a stain well known to professional carpet cleaners. The term wick back refers to the capillary action of a liquid, where liquids creep up a thin fibre or wick. When the underlay or padding underneath a carpet becomes wet, the dirt  dissolves  and the solution moves up the carpet fibres. At the surface the water evaporates but the dirt stays and you see it as a stain … That’s why a carpet can look clean when wet,  but sometimes develops stains when it is dry.

    Wick back happens when a carpet is old and the under padding has accumulated a lot of dirt, or if a  large volume of liquid has spilled into the carpet like a can of soda, a glass of beer or pet urine.  The spill saturates the underlay of the carpet and if the carpet is wet cleaned ..the dried stain becomes liquid, moves up into the carpet fibers and the stain will reappear.


and I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful !


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