Cleaning Pet Hair from your Carpet & Furniture

Is Pet Hair your Pet Peeve?

Easy Ways To Keep Pet Hair Under Control in Your Home…

Pet owners know how difficult it can be to deal with shedding, cleaning pet hair is a very tiresome task, even small pets create a lot of hair and it can get everywhere in your home.  Here’s our best guide to keeping all that hair under control for carpets, furniture, surfaces and floors

Before you start…   2 important preventative measures to make the job easier…

1. Keep your home humid

When the air in your home is dry and warm (especially when the central heating is on) static electricity is increased and pet hair sticks to hard surfaces… this makes cleaning pet hair really tricky. When you are dusting if you see the pet hair returning to the surfaces you’ve just cleaned then you should either put out some bowls of water or invest in a humidifier…. To add moisture to the air.

2. Groom your pet

removing pet hair

Removing the pet hair before it gets on to the furniture and carpet is the best strategy. Pets tend to shed more at certain times of the year, particularly in the summer months and grooming your pet when they are shedding can save you time and energy. All that hair you remove by grooming is not going to have to be vacuumed up by you.

Your pet loves to be groomed – it feels like a massage and you will enjoy doing it when you see how effective it is at preventing that hair from being on your furniture. You can use a pet groomer or just a brush, have a bag or bin handy to dump the hair. pet hair removal from carpet You can also buy an attachment for your vacuum, this is the easiest way to deal with the hair from grooming your pet but it depends … if your dog will stand it!

Cleaning Pet Hair from Carpets

Vacuum     twice a week every week using a pet vacuum

 remove pet hair Use a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter. There is no substitute for vacuuming and to trap the maximum amount and prevent tiny hairs being blown around you should use a machine specially made for the job. Almost all brands make a pet vacuum and it is better to get a HEPA vacuum which can trap the tiniest particles.

Keep your vacuum well maintained and empty the dust bag

If the hair is particularly plentiful you might want to use a rubber broom on the carpet before you vacuum. A rubber broom has solid rubber “bristles “ that collect the pet hair as you sweep it over the carpet. You can then dispose of most of the pet hair and fluff before you start vacuuming.

We recommend professional cleaning for carpets twice a year for pet owners                         by Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning 0161 768 0208

Hard Floors

pet hair removal from floorsUse an electrostatic mop or a  dry mop

A mop with a wide head and a  soft microfibre attachment is a great way to quickly pick up the hair and dust that sticks to your floor after brushing or vacuuming.  When the microfibre material becomes dirty you can simply wash it in the washing machine but don’t use softener … softener spoils the fabrics ability to pick up.

cleaning pet hairAnother option is a dry mop ( I buy mine from Wilkinsons) and attach an electrostatic cleaning wipe. No laundering needing … just replace the sheet after each use.

These thin wipes are excellent for using as dusters for “high shine” surfaces, they attract the dust and pet hair , because they have a negative charge.


  Putting  down a blanket in your pets favourite place will protect your furniture from pet hair and body oils. It is much easier to wash a blanket or throw than to have your upholstery cleaned.

Cleaning pet hair from furniture


Pet hair and CarpetEvery time you vacuum the carpet you should vacuum the surfaces of your furniture using the upholstery attachment that came with your vacuum. It has a much smaller head and is attached to the hose.Regularly cleaning pet hair from your furniture keeps it under control.

When you vacuum your furniture rotate the seating cushions so that they are receiving equal wear.

Use a damp sponge or a damp gardening hair on furniture A very slightly damp sponge will collect the pet hair into a lump that is easily removed. A damp glove will do the job too, use a gardening glove with some texture on the palm not a washing up glove.

pet hair on sofaA  “squeegee” ( the thing you use to wipe down the shower) is good at cleaning pet hair or an ice remover … the rubber blade on these tools collects the pet hair so it can be removed easily.

These are some of the most helpful suggestions that we have found and we know that they work.

Small efforts such as these will keep your home free of pet hair and easier to clean.

We recommend professional furniture cleaning from

Deluxe Dry Furniture Cleaning 36 Abbots Cl Manchester M33 2DB

0161 768 0208

at least once a year for pet owners

Read some other  great tips for cleaning  pet hair from Martha Stewart


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Removing Newspaper Ink Stains on Carpet

Newspaper Ink is annoying when it gets on your hands and clothes but when it gets on furniture or carpet then it can look terrible!Big dark patches on the arms of your favourite chair or sofa look scary but Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Cheadle & Stockport are here to help!

Read on for easy ways to remove these ugly stains yourself or call us on 0161 768 0208 to make an appointment


dry carpet cleaning Cheadle If you are a newspaper reader then you may already have dark areas of newspaper ink on the arms of your sofa or on your light coloured carpet or rug.

You may not even notice the stains at first but if you read your newpaper in the same place the dark ink will build up on the arms of your sofa or on the carpet where you drop the pages.  Suddenly you will wonder where those dark patches have come from!

Newspaper ink is based on soy pigments but often contains petroleum ingredients also — So a 2 step stain solver approach is needed.  First a  solvent to remove the the petroleum based components and then a second water based cleaner to remove the dark pigments.

With a little patience and some affordable cleaning agents you can remove newspaper ink from your carpet easily, if you have questions you can call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Cheadle & Stockport at 0161 768 0208

Assemble Your Stain Cleaning Supplies

Do you have a stain basket?  Now is the time to get it out and use it.

Don’t have one ? Read how you can make one and have it handy for everyday stains Here >>>

You Will Need

K2R stain remover spray or Hairspray

Several clean dry white cloths or Microfibre towels

2 small spray bottles

Bissell or Vax carpet cleaning solution

What To Do

Hair spray or K2R stain remover spray will dissolve the oily part of newspaper ink stains.

  • Spray in light bursts.
  • Spray a small area, then take a clean cloth and immediately blot the area you sprayed.
  •  Work quickly from the outside of the stain towards the centre of the stain so the colour doesn’t bleed and you don’t spread it.
  • Don’t saturate the stain.
  • Repeat until you have removed the dark colour of the stain.

Now add  Vax or Bissell carpet cleaner to tepid water in one of your spray bottles according to the manufacturers instructions.  Mix it up.

  • Spray the area you have just cleaned in light bursts and blot with a clean dry cloth as you spray.
  • Don’t over wet the carpet.
  • Work from the outside of the stain into the centre.
  • Don’t rub or scrub the carpet fibres.
  • Blot and press the clean cloth into the carpet firmly.

Vax and Bissell carpet cleaning solutions do not contain detergents, they will not leave sticky residue but I always like to give a final spray withthe  clean  tepid ( not hot) water in the second spray bottle and blot firmly with another clean dry cloth.


How To Prevent Newspaper Ink Stains

Its always better to avoid stains if you can … then you don’t have to clean them up.

Don’t read your newspaper or magazine on the sofa if it is a light colour.

Don’t drop the pages of a newspaper on to a light coloured carpet

Call the  Professionals

If you don’t feel like stain cleaning your carpet call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Cheadle & Stockport  at 0161 768 0208



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Secrets To A Spotless Carpet


Carpet Secrets from Dry Carpet Cleaning Salford

Dry carpet cleaning Salford

Many of our customers ask us .. how do we keep our carpet looking great in between professional cleanings? A spotless carpet is a thing of joy! but if you have children or pets or both or if you love entertaining , the spots and stains add up and over time your carpet begins to look grubby and depressing.

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Salford have some key tips for keeping your carpet looking spotless and preserving that beautiful ” just cleaned look

1. Get A Stain Basket

If you have a stain basket prepared and ready to go, its easy to tackle stains and spots quickly . The quicker you can treat any stain the easier it is and the less time it takes.

A stain basket can be any container (a plastic bucket, basket or  box) in which you keep all your stain cleaning gear.

Items To Keep in Your Stain Basket :

A stack of clean cloths or microfibre towels

2 small spray bottles

Vax Carpet Cleaning solution or Bissell Carpet Cleaning solution

Hydrogen Peroxide

Non – acetone nail polish remover

Hair spray

K2R Stain Remover Spray

Q Tips

An old knife or an old credit card


Have enough  cloths in your basket to still have plenty when dirty ones are in the wash.

Replace your supplies as they run out or if you borrow them ( hair spray, nail polish remover)

You can add any other supplies you need E.g. a favourite cleaning agent. The idea is simply to have everything you need in one place so that you can deal efficiently with everyday spills and stains.

2. Do Not Use Detergents To Clean Carpet Stains

There is a great deal of information online about stain removal but not all of it is accurate. As professional carpet cleaners we see carpets every day where stains  have been removed only to return a few weeks later. The new stain is much bigger and more visible than the original! This is the result of using a detergent to try to clean the carpet stain.

Unlike an item of clothing a carpet cannot be rinsed and if you use any kind of detergent ( laundry detergent or washing up liquid  or soap) it will leave a residue in the carpet that cannot be removed and when dry will become tacky and attract dirt. The area that was cleaned now becomes more dirty than the surrounding carpet.

Tepid water is usually enough to remove most water soluble stains but if you want to use a cleaner then we suggest a cleaner specifically made for carpets, such as Vax or Bissell. These cleaners do not need to be rinsed out of the carpet and will not leave a residue . Make a weak solution to the manufacturers recommendation and keep it in one of your spray bottles. Keep clean tepid water in the other and always use the water to finish your stain removing.                                                      You will get a much better result .

3.Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning by  Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Salford & Manchester

At least once a year we recommend you  have your carpets cleaned professionally.  Dry carpet cleaning restores and rejuvenates your carpets so that they keep their beauty and wear longer. Call us at 0161 768 0208 to make an appointment

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Remove Lipstick Stains From Carpet

How To Remove Lipstick Stains on Your Carpet or Upholstery

from Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton & Bury

Lipstick stains on a carpet can be tricky to remove. Make up stains such as lipstick are complex stains because they are composed of several elements – oil, fragrance, waxes and pigment. Water based solvents and non- water solvents are needed  to remove lipstick which is why attempts to remove lipstick stains are often not very successful.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton


If you don’t want to try to remove a lipstick stain yourself from your carpet or upholstery call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton at 0161 768 0208. Deluxe Dry Carpet are stain specialists and we have professional cleaning agents that can remove all kinds of stains easily. We service all areas of Bolton and Bury.



Its tricky to remove make up stains because lipstick mascara, eyeliner and foundation are made up several ingredients including oils, creams and dye. The dye component is concentrated and designed to last, on your skin and therefore on your carpet as well .

When you are trying to remove a make up  stain on carpet each ingredient has to be treated separately or the stain remains. You have to use a 2 step stain strategy

No one wants make up stains on their bedroom carpet so be prepared for this difficult stain and know exactly how to deal with it…. and more important how NOT to make it worse !

1. Don’t panic

you are probably in the middle of getting ready, and don’t have much time. BUT do not give way to temptation and grab the kleenex. Using paper towels or paper hankies will spread a lipstick stain and make it worse.

2. Know what You Are Dealing With

Makeup contains pigment in a solution of water (mostly ) and oils. This type of stain therefore has to be treated partly with water soluble cleaners and partly with oil soluble cleaners. It requires the two-step stain technique. If you only use one step to get foundation out of your carpet then only some of  the stain ingredients will be removed and you will still have a stain.

3. Just 5 Minutes For Stain Removal.

Even if you are in a BIG hurry you can take five minutes now and save yourself the  stain pain. The faster you deal with the stain the easier it is to remove. The longer you leave it the more time those pigments have to attach to carpet fibres and then you have a permanent stain that cannot be removed.


Aerosol Hair Spray or NON ACETONE Nail Polish Remover

Several Clean Cloths or Microfibre Towels

Small Spray Bottle containing Tepid Water

Knife or a Credit Card

Hydrogen Peroxide

Q Tips


Use the blunt edge of the knife or a credit card to collect any lumps of lipstick and wipe them off on to a piece of kitchen towel.

Shake the aerosol hair spray and using short bursts , spray the stain.                                           If you are using nail polish remover  put some on a clean cloth and press  the stain  with the damp cloth.

Work from the edge of the stain into the centre. Don’t saturate the carpet.

Use a clean cloth to blot the damp stain and absorb the colour. Change the cloth as it absorbs the colour and gets damp. Do not rub or scrub the stain as you work. Blot and press the fibres of the carpet.

Repeat several times until no more colour comes on to your cloth.

All of the stain should have gone.

If not take a Q tip and dip the end into the Hydrogen Peroxide and roll the wet end over the remaining stain . Wait a few minutes and repeat. The remaining colour will disappear.

Take the spray bottle with tepid water and lightly spray the area of the stain

Take another clean dry cloth and blot all the water up pressing on the carpet but not scrubbing.


Stain Prevention for Your Carpet

A dropped lipstick can ruin your bedroom or living room  carpet. It will happen no matter how careful you are, even if you always use the bathroom, one morning you won’t. It’s impossible to have carpet in your bedroom and not get makeup stains on it eventually.         If you can prevent the stain then you will save yourself time and effort and your carpet will look better for much longer.

Makeup stains are going to happen unless you take some kind of precautions.

1 Use a desk or dressing table If you use a mirror in your bedroom then sit down at a dressing table or desk to pur on your make up . If stuff spills it will fall on the desk not the carpet.

2. Put a rug down wherever you usually apply your makeup.  If you have teenaged girls  this is a must! Put throw rugs on the carpet in their rooms especially near the mirror area.

Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton & Bury are happy to help!

Don’t want to try this yourself?  from carpet or upholstery call Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Bolton at 0161 768 0208.

Deluxe Dry Carpet are stain specialists and we have professional cleaning agents that can remove all kinds of stains easily.



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Remove Pet Hair From Carpet

 How to Remove  Pet Hair From Your Carpet

5 Key Tips from Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning Stockport  for Controlling Pet Hair in Your Home

Dry Upholstery Cleaning StockportPet owners often struggle to keep carpet and upholstery looking good when there are pets in the home.One of the most basic problems that we see at Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning Stockport  is pet hair.

Even pets with short hair shed lots of  hair and if your pet has long or thick hair it can be a very big problem,  most people are concerned about the pet hair on carpets and rugs and on  furniture and clothing.

We have many clients at Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning Stockport that are pet owners and we have compiled our 5  best tips for dealing with Pet Hair in the home :

1.   Get a Pet Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners for dealing with pet hair are sold by most big vacuum brands. If you are a pet owner it is worth investing in one because they are designed specifically to deal with pet hair. Instead of struggling with a vacuum that gets blocked all the time with hair and that doesn’t have the suction power, invest in a vacuum such as the Dyson DC Animal 40 described for homes with pets. It features stronger suction with a self adjusting head for all floor types and a tangle -free turbine tool to remove hair from carpets and furniture.

See the Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner Here

2.  Groom Your Pet Regularly

Grooming your pet can dramatically reduce the amount of  hair being deposited on your carpets and furniture and clothes. If you do it gently you and your pet will enjoy the grooming which is like a massage!   If your pet is not frightened of the vacuum cleaner, many vacuums have a grooming tool that will remove the hair directly. Alternatively use a grooming tool to comb through their coat every few days and deposit the hair into a bin bag for disposal.

3.  Use a Pet Hair Brush BEFORE Vacuuming

You can buy rubber brushes to remove pet hair at pet shops and on online shopping sites. They are excellent at collecting pet hair from furniture and do not require a great deal of effort, you can use to collect most of the pet hair from your upholstery or carpet before you vacuum or in between vacuuming.  They are constructed of rubber bristles which will not scratch or spoil even delicate fabric and they can be used on carpet or even hard floors. Remove the collected hair into a bin bag and rinse the brush after use.  You can buy a  long handled varieties of this brush to use on carpets and hardwood floors.

4.  Train Your Pet To Sit on a Blanket

If your pet likes to sit on your sofa or furniture or has a favourite place to lie on your carpet then give him his own blanket or pet seat. A dog or cat sheds hair and also body oils just by lying on your carpets and upholstery and over time this will create a soiled area that will require professional cleaning. Minimise this effect by putting down a blanket or pet bag wherever your pet likes to sit and if you persist your pet will enjoy having his own sitting place. Wash the blanket regularly to keep it fresh and clean.

5.  Have Your Upholstery Cleaned Professionally by Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning Stockport

Deluxe Dry Carpet and Furniture Cleaning  serves the Greater Manchester and Stockport areas. We use a specialist Dry Foam Cleaning method to clean all types of upholstery and fabrics. Cleaning is very thorough and your furniture is dry in less than an hour.

Call us to make your appointment today  0161 768 0208

Dry Upholstery Cleaning Stockport

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How To Clean & Care For Your Upholstery

Upholstery Cleaning and Care 


A quick and easy guide to DIY care for your furniture to keep it looking its best.

dry upholstery cleaning manchester

To keep your furniture looking pristine call Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning Manchester at 0161 768 0208  Professional upholstery cleaning is recommended at least once a year and more often if you have pets, children or a very busy lifestyle. We provide professional Dry furniture cleaning in Manchester and surrounding areas for all types of fabric and furniture
Furniture in your home collects spots, stains and soiling  in between professional cleaning because it is used every day. We lounge on our armchairs and sofas, put our feet up, eat on it, do our homework, read the paper, have a snooze … every day it is subjected to wear and tear, pet hair and human hair, our skin oils, dust, food crumbs, spills and stains

Have a quick look at your furniture now… is it showing signs of fading, wear, staining?
Use the cleaning tips and techniques here (making sure to test any cleaning agent on an inconspicuous area first)

1. Clean Spots and Stains Quickly

The longer a stain is left in contact with upholstery fabric the more difficult it becomes to remove it. If the stain has a strong colour( tomato sauce, juice or curry ) then speed is even more important because the dye may bind permanently to the fabric fibres.

2. Vacuum Weekly

Find the upholstery attachment for your vacuum and clip it to the machine so you have it handy. When you vacuum your carpets include your furniture. Vacuum in between the cushions and under them, vacuum both sides of each cushion and along the top of the sofa and along each arm of sofas and armchairs. This gives you a chance to see any new stains and deal with them quickly.

3. Clean Spots and Stains Without Rubbing or Scrubbing

Don’t use a brush or scrubber pad to clean upholstery stains. When fabric is wet or damp the fibres are more fragile and scrubbing or rubbing can distort the material. Even if you succeed in removing the stain you may permanently damage the fabric, if you are not  careful. It is always better to tackle a stain gently. Work from the outside perimeter of the stain inwards and before using a cleaning agent or spot remover test it in an inconspicuous area first.

4. Have Your Upholstery Cleaned Professionally

Have your furniture’s upholstery cleaned professionally every year .If you have pets, children or a very busy lifestyle then more often is better. Professional upholstery cleaning will keeps your furniture looking its best for years to come. Deluxe Dry Upholstery Cleaning Manchester uses a specialist Dry cleaning technique so that your furniture is dry and ready to use in minutes not hours. our team has the training to keep your upholstery spotlessly clean year round.We  service Greater Manchester and Stockport areas .Deluxe

Dry Upholstery Cleaning Manchester

    Read more about our   Dry Upholstery Cleaning Methods

Our contact  number is 0161 768 0208 Call now to make your appointment

If you act now you can save yourself a great deal of money and get many more years from your furniture instead of having to replace it. Keeping your furniture in good condition is more economical and environmentally consciencious  than replacing  it.  An estimated 10 million items of furniture are thrown away every year in the UK!!

In addition to annual professional upholstery cleaning your furniture should be cared for on a regular basis just like your carpet and flooring and included in your routine home maintenance, if you follow our tips your furniture will last longer and look better.

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